Essence of Equestria
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Essence walked through the redwood forest, the trees blooming with fresh red pollen as signs of spring showed all around. The warmth of the sun beating lightly against his ruffled fur.

12 Moons… 24 Years… have come and gone, since the last time Essence came through these woods. The last time he was ever seen by his friends. Silence was vague, as the sounds of woodpeckers and loose leaves echoed through his ears.

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Returning in May 2014
((MOD: Essence will be gone for a long trip. No word on how long. Hopefully some day he’ll return, best to wait and find out.))
Wind Wand: don't worry, your home is not inside that place. :3

I-if you say so…

Wind Wand: that forest right over there. *points at the Everfree forest*

-looks worried- seems a little scary, don’t you think?

Wind Wand: near the everfree forest. come on! i'll show you.

uh… sure… what’s the everfree forest???

Wind Wand: hmm... how about your hut?

my… hut…? Where’s that?

Wind Wand: let me help you then. :D

fine -.- where to?

Wind Wand: i just want to make you feel better. ^^

it’d make me feel better if I knew who I was, and not being randomly hugged by strangers

Wind Wand: somepony just told me that hugs always helps . ^^

o-oh… okay? -hugs back- you seem very clingy… you know that?

Wind Wand: *hugs Essence with her wing* ^^

oh! o.o what’s with the hug? -feeling uneasy-

Kamari: Ess? is that you, are you okay?? i went looking for you and i saw that your hut was destroyed! are you okay?

Essence jumped back in fright of seeing the dragon. GAH!!!! stay away!!! O_O

Wind Wand: cuz i think you are an interesting pony. ^^

oh… well… thank you?